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Shout Box History
Stranger: i just registered
07-11-2016 4:01:pm
Stranger: hi guys
07-11-2016 4:01:pm
InkByMir: Poop
14-05-2016 7:33:pm
Balloo: Temporary TS server available at [URL]
21-12-2015 4:22:pm
Balloo: Would any of you freaks play on a BLOPS 1 box if I put one up for a year?
02-09-2015 2:34:pm
Hunter: hey hey hey you dirty lil bitches
14-05-2015 7:51:pm
Altoax: Please read FUCKyouall's profile, I found it rather amusing
18-02-2015 2:16:am
Altoax: [URL]
18-02-2015 1:59:am
Altoax: [E-Mail] is his e-mail... cute
18-02-2015 1:58:am
Altoax: hahahaha this lil kids post made me laugh
18-02-2015 1:57:am
SLASH187: Hello all
17-01-2015 11:06:pm
Asparagus: fwaka you biotches
15-11-2014 4:39:pm
KingTooTall: KIMO is my hero! yes, im still alive...Kinda! hi all!
23-09-2014 1:23:pm
Chi-Dawg: How come you don't use this place more often :p
28-06-2014 8:56:pm
Altoax: Where all my fools at?
25-08-2013 5:54:am
BAGman: Vert, why are you a duck...
26-06-2013 12:50:pm
vertig0: Quack
25-06-2013 7:27:pm
Balloo: Wassssup kids
07-06-2013 3:16:pm
Altoax: Mako was the check...
22-05-2013 8:56:pm
alpine: Fawk you!
11-05-2013 10:29:pm
k0d3w4rri0r: You say check, I haven't seen anyone but Mako.
06-05-2013 3:58:pm
Altoax: Mako (check) Tac (sandbox) Tekz (kid and work?)
06-05-2013 1:11:am
BAGman: In a way you can blame me for mako, since i was the one who told him we should recruit..... ;p
01-05-2013 6:56:pm
k0d3w4rri0r: The noobs are missing. Mako, Tekz, Tac, everyone joins and disappears! Damn you Piney!
30-04-2013 3:53:pm
Tac47: woot woot guys, just wanted to say hi, i recently joined and looking forward to meeting everyone and gaming!
09-03-2013 9:20:pm
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